Online Burlesque Classes

Burlesque Rocks has returned!

Born out of a love for rock music during lockdown Little Lady Luscious (LLL) started a class that combined her love of rock and burlesque.  Post lockdown she packed her bags and moved up North after a few months of recovery from the many farewell parties LLL is back and ready to ROCK!

From rock ‘n’ roll to hair metal, from glam rock to 90’s alternative rock, LLL adds her burlesque know how to some classic rock tracks.  Come ready to have fun and rock out.  This class is ideal for beginners and intermediate burlesquers alike,  we work on your burlesque persona and bring your unique style to this genre of music.  Remember burlesque can be anything from sexy to comedic and in this case from powerful to kick ass!

Heels are optional (but we recommend). Please ensure you have an even surface and space to strut and pose!



How it will work

Once you have paid you will be sent a confirmation email.  On the day of the class LLL will email you with a link to the zoom meeting along with the meeting ID and password.  We recommend downloading the Zoom app before class.

Who will be teaching the class?

Meet Emily she’s been teaching burlesque since 2011 (under the name Little Lady Luscious), these online burlesque classes have been tailored to those who want to have a bit of fun and forget the world outside.
You’re in safe hands, Emily can be a bit silly but she works with each student helping them to bring out their best selves. She has completed the foundation in Dance Movement Psychotherapy with Goldsmiths University.  And completed her level four (with distinction no less!) dance teacher training with BBO Dance.  A lover of all dance forms but she particularly loves the freedom of expression within burlesque and wants to share that passion with you!

What do I need to wear?

Something comfortable and have a pair of heels handy.  Emily will let you know if we’re going to be playing with props!

Online terms and conditions

You are responsible for ensuring the space you’ve undertaken this online class in is suitable and safe.  This includes ensuring the space is a sufficient size to accommodate you moving freely and the space should also be free from obstacles/dangerous items.

We accept no liability for any injuries sustained by those participating in the classes, nor do we accept liability for damage to personal property caused during the dance classes.

By signing up to take part in these online classes, and in being part of our dance community, you agree to adhere to the above terms.

If you’ve got a question about class before you sign up drop us a message