Welcome to our FAQ page!

What is Burlesque?

Burlesque is an art form that well and truly rocks!  From it’s roots in satire and social commentary burlesque has become a powerhouse of storytelling and striptease. Take a look at our blog for a more detailed explanation.  In class we dance and embrace our fabulous bodies and hint at a bit of tease.  The classes are non-strip although I do occasionally add in a glove peel or jacket removal.  I will let you know before hand.


What should I wear to Class?

Wear something comfortable that you are able to move in.  You’re welcome to wear something that makes you feel awesome, the routines aren’t very aerobic but we do a lot of shimmies!

Do I have to wear heels?

No, heels aren’t compulsory.  If you would like to wear heels but aren’t very confident walking or dancing in heels we recommend wearing a chunkier size heel to start with.  Now that I’m old I tend to wear character shoes like these.


I’m shy do I need to have the camera on during class?

You can have the camera off during class.  If it’s your first class please do give me a quick wave at the beginning of class.  I like to do a quick check in with everyone and just check there are no injuries I need to be aware of.


Do you offer one to one online classes?

I do indeed.  From beginners to act development.  Just drop me (Emily) an email on hello@burlesquerocks.com let me know what you would like to do and how long you would like and I will work out a rate and time with you.

I have never danced before, will I be able to join these classes?

My classes are open to all.  No dance experience is necessary. I keep the routines basic so those new to dance can follow along and those who have been doing my classes for a while are able to add in their own style.


I’m over 50 are these classes for young people?

Burlesque is for everyone and all ages. So long as you are looking to have fun you are welcome in my classes.


I identify as male can I join these classes?

Yes, Boylesque is part of the burlesque family.  My classes have been mixed since 2013 I’ve taught a few award winning boylesquers over the years.


Are your classes LQBTQ+ friendly?

Yes indeed they are.  I firmly believe burlesque is for everyone and it is one of the most inclusive art forms out there.  My pro nouns are She/Her do let me know your pro nouns before class and do correct me if I get it wrong.