Meet Triple L

LLL Cyan Blue Photography

Formerly Little Lady Luscious

She is little, she’s not really a lady but she is totally lush!

Possibly the world’s tinest dancer, combing clowning, ballet and burlesque!  Little Lady Luscious began life as Little Miss in New Zealand in 2009 as a classical Burlesque performer.  On her return to the UK she changed her name and style.  Growing up she fell in love with her pointe shoes and twirling across the stage.  In 2011 she dusted off the pointe shoes and dusted off the classical and began creating fun, nerdy and downright silly burlesque routines.  

As a teacher you can call her Emily in class, as that’s a bit of a tongue twister when you have a question.  Emily has been teaching burlesque since 2011. You’re in safe hands, Emily can be a bit silly but she works with each student helping them to bring out their best selves. 

Too book Triple L for your event contact: to book on to a burlesque class take a look at our Online Burlesque Classes Page


Ballet Dancing TARDIS

The Ballet Dancing TARDIS – Created for Cabaret Roulette does Sci – Fi (Doctor Who. This Routine is based around the Doctor Who episode where the TARDIS comes to life and they are finally able to talk.



The  Princess – Out to make an impression upon the prince.  This princess is seductive, beautiful and fun.  Which prince or princess will she choose and how can they resist her charm.



Disco Dancing Darth!

Darth Vader is fed up, he never wanted to be a Sith Lord, he always wanted to be a dancer.  Featuring a helmet with 7,000 rhinestones this an act jam packed with disco moves and a feel good finish.


Running Late!

LLL has a date but there are far too many interesting pictures to look at on Instagram.  When she receives a message chaos ensues.  Can she make it from towel to fabulous in under 3 mins?


Videos of all acts available upon request.